Gradually, the distant rumble becomes a roar as one approach the waterfall of Aharbal (Veshu river), which crashes down noisily 25 metres and 7 metres through a narrow gorge of granite boulders. Aharbal is more than just a waterfall. There are several places to picnic in the surrounding areas, as well as delightful walks of varying lengths all over the hillsides. Interesting treks-one of them to the high altitude lake ofKounsernag , which is the source of the Veshu at 13,500 ft  above sea level-takes off from Aharbal. waterfall.
 Aharbal Falls are also referred to as the Niagara Falls of Kashmir, owing to the volume of the water that falls.
Aharbal is a base for adventure tourism. The Veshu River is stocked with trout and one can go for fishing while enjoying the majestic beauty of aharbal falls.

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